0402 SMD Chip Capacitors Assorted Kit 0.5pF~1uF 94Values x 50pcs

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Features:- 0402 SMD Capaticor 94values*50pcs=4700pcs 0.5pF to 1uF.- Just the same size as an ordinary book, small but put everything in its place, so saves space and is easy to carry.- Clear label on the front and on the back of every paper taping, never mixed up.- Beginner hobby..


- 0402 SMD Capaticor 94values*50pcs=4700pcs 0.5pF to 1uF.
- Just the same size as an ordinary book, small but put everything in its place, so saves space and is easy to carry.
- Clear label on the front and on the back of every paper taping, never mixed up.
- Beginner hobbyists and veteran electronics experts alike will appreciate the variety and organization of components included with this kit.
- Size: 19cm x 13cm x 3cm7.5'' x 5.1'' x 1.2''


1 0.5pF ±0.1pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1HR50BZ01D
2 0.75pF ±0.1pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1HR75BZ01D
3 1pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H1R0CZ01D
4 1.2pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H1R2CZ01D
5 1.3pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H1R3CZ01D
1.5pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H1R5CZ01D
7 1.pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H1RCZ01D
8 1.8pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H1R8CZ01D
9 2pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H2R0CZ01D
10 2.2pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H2R2CZ01D
11 2.4pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H2R4CZ01D
12 2.5pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H2R5CZ01D
13 2.7pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H2R7CZ01D
14 3pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H3R0CZ01D
15 3.3pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H3R3CZ01D
1 3.pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H3RCZ01D
17 3.9pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H3R9CZ01D
18 4pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H4R0CZ01D
19 4.3pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H4R3CZ01D
20 4.5pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H4R5CZ01D
21 4.7pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H4R7CZ01D
22 5pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H5R0CZ01D
23 5.1pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H5R1CZ01D
24 5.pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H5RCZ01D
25 pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1HR0CZ01D
2 .8pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1HR8CZ01D
27 7pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H7R0CZ01D
28 7.5pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H7R5CZ01D
29 8pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H8R0CZ01D
30 8.2pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H8R2CZ01D
31 9pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H9R0CZ01D
32 9.1pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H9R1CZ01D
33 10pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H100JZ01D
34 11pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H110JZ01D
35 12pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H120JZ01D
3 13pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H130JZ01D
37 15pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H150JZ01D
38 1pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H10JZ01D
39 18pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H180JZ01D
40 20pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H200JZ01D
41 22pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H220JZ01D
42 24pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H240JZ01D
43 27pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H270JZ01D
44 30pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H300JZ01D
45 33pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H330JZ01D
4 39pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H390JZ01D
47 43pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H430JZ01D
48 47pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H470JZ01D
49 51pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H510JZ01D
50 5pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H50JZ01D
51 8pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H80JZ01D
52 82pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H820JZ01D
53 100pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H101JZ01D
54 100pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H101JZ01D
55 110pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H111JZ01D
5 120pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H121JZ01D
57 150pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H151JZ01D
58 10pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H11JZ01D
59 180pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H181JZ01D
0 220pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H221JZ01D
1 270pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H271KZ01D
2 330pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H331KZ01D
3 390pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H391KZ01D
4 470pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H471KZ01D
5 50pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H51KZ01D
80pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H81KZ01D
7 820pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H821KZ01D
8 910pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H911KZ01D
9 1nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H102KZ01D
70 1nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H102KZ01D
71 1.2nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H122KZ01D
72 1.5nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H152KZ01D
73 1.8nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H182KZ01D
74 2.2nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H222KZ01D
75 2.7nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H272KZ01D
7 3.3nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H332KZ01D
77 3.9nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H392KZ01D
78 4.7nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H472KZ01D
79 .8nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H82KZ01D
80 8.2nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H822KZ01D
81 10nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H103KZ01D
82 10nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H103KZ01D
83 12nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H123KZ01D
84 15nF ±10pF 25V X7R GRM155R71E153KZ01D
85 22nF ±10pF 25V X7R GRM155R71E223KZ01D
8 33nF ±10pF 25V X7R GRM155R71E333KZ01D
87 47nF ±10pF 1V X7R GRM155R71C473KZ01D
88 8nF ±10pF 1V X7R GRM155R71C83KZ01D
89 82nF ±10pF 1V X7R GRM155R71C823KZ01D
90 100nF ±10pF 1V X7R GRM155R71C104KZ01D
91 100nF ±10pF 1V X7R GRM155R71C104KZ01D
92 220nF ±10pF 10V X5R GRM155R1A224KZ01D
93 470nF ±10pF 10V X5R GRM155R1A474KZ01D
94 1uF ±10pF 10V X5R GRM155R1A105KZ01D

Package included:

1 x Sample Book

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